Everything Takes Time

Sat 1 Jul 2017

Everything takes time; simple projects take time, learning takes time, friendship takes time, Eros takes time. Everything takes time. Time is Thanatos’ currency and by extension it is his twin brother Hypnos’ currency too. Our time is borrowed and Thanatos and Hypnos are the loaners. In the end, in our ultimate confrontation with Charon we have to give one obolus to repay our dept. That one obolus: the unbearable never again and at the same time the unbearable forever.1 Time is not money. Time is the ultimate currency. Consume it wisely.

Consume it with people that elevate you, not with people that bring you down. Consume it in projects and studies that make you grow but also fulfill you. Don’t waste your time because time is the alpha and the omega in your life. Spending your life in a constant state of hypnos, of the walking dead as we say, is wasteful. It is hubris to the opportunity that you have to pass your time meaningfully. Life in temporal terms maps to nature’s thunder—it is short but magnificent. That is, only if you make the best of it, whatever that might be for you.



Paraphrased from Liantinis’ Gemma.