Charlottesville, VA 22904
151 Engineer’s Way
Georgios Bakirtzis
Researcher in cyber-physical system safety and security
May 2020 (expected)
May 2015
PhD in computer engineering
BS in electrical engineering
University of Virginia
Virginia Commonwealth University
University of Virginia
As a graduate research assistant to Prof. Cody H. Fleming (sys), I currently
n work on the theoretical foundations of model-based engineering,
n improve current hazard and security analysis methods, &
n design and analyze models of cyber-physical systems.
University of Oxford
As a participant in the Applied Category Theory Adjoint School I researched
category-theoretic models of computation with Prof. Pieter Hofstra (mth).
Virginia Commonwealth University
As a graduate research assistant to Prof. Carl R. Elks (ece), I developed
methods and tools for modeling and analyzing cyber-physical systems
for their dependable and secure operation.
2013–15 As an undergraduate research assistant to Prof. Robert H. Klenke (ece), I
designed, programmed, and validated uav flight control systems.
I was awarded the William L. Ballard Jr. Endowed Graduate Fellowship,
which recognizes graduate students in Engineering who have demonstrated
academic excellence and leaderhip qualities.
2018 Best paper award in ieee SysCon 2018.
2017 I received the School of Engineering Certificate of Scholarship for
Outstanding Teaching Award Finalist and the ece Graduate Student
Teaching Assistant of the Year awards.
Georgios Bakirtzis 1/5
Scientific contributions
B.T. Carter, S. Adams, G. Bakirtzis, T. Sherburne, P.A. Beling, B. Horowitz,
and C.H. Fleming, A Preliminary Design-Phase Security Methodology
for Cyber-Physical Systems, Systems (2019)
[conference] S. Gautham, G. Bakirtzis, M.T. Leccadito, R.H. Klenke, and C.R. Elks,
“WiP Abstract: A Multilevel Cybersecurity and Safety Monitor for
Embedded Cyber-Physical Systems, iccps 2019, Proc. acm (2019)
G. Bakirtzis, B.J. Simon, C.H. Fleming, and C.R. Elks, “Looking for a Black Cat
in a Dark Room: Security Visualization for Cyber-Physical System Design
and Analysis”, VizSec 2018, Proc.
B.T. Carter, C.H. Fleming, C.R. Elks, and G. Bakirtzis,
“Cyber-Physical Systems Modeling for Security
using SysML, cser 2018, Proc. Springer (2018)
G. Bakirtzis, B.T. Carter, C.R. Elks, and C.H. Fleming,
A Model-Based Approach to Security Analysis for
Cyber-Physical Systems”, SysCon 2018, Proc. ieee (2018)
B.T. Carter, G. Bakirtzis, C.R. Elks, and C.H. Fleming,
A Systems Approach for Eliciting Mission-Centric
Security Requirements, SysCon 2018, Proc. ieee (2018),
Best Student Paper Award
G. Bakirtzis, B.T. Carter, C.R. Elks, and C.H. Fleming,
“Cyber Assurance Assessment using Systems and Control Theory”,
2017 usenix Security Poster Session (2017)
A.V. Filippas, U. Hasni, A. Docef, G. Bakirtzis, A. Sunga, H. Nabi,
and A. French, “The Freshman Experience: A Modular Approach
to Experiential Learning”, 2017 Zone II, Proc. asee (2017)
G. Bakirtzis, P.A. Beling, and C.R. Elks, “Toward Mission-Centric
Vulnerability Analysis for Critical Systems: Methodology
and Approach, 2016 nsrci, Proc. Resilience Week (2016)
G.L. Ward, G. Bakirtzis, and R.H. Klenke, A Modular Software Platform for
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Autopilot Systems”, SciTech 2014, Proc. aiaa (2014)
Georgios Bakirtzis 2/5
[technical report] P.A. Beling, B. Horowitz, C.H. Fleming, S. Adams, G. Bakirtzis,
B.T. Carter, T. Sherburne, C.R. Elks, A.G. Collins, and B.J. Simon,
Model-based Engineering for Functional Risk Assessment
and Design of Cyber Resilient Systems, serc (2019)
B. Horowitz, P.A. Beling, C.H. Fleming, S. Adams, B.T. Carter,
T. Sherburne, C.R. Elks, G. Bakirtzis, F. Shull, and N.R. Mead,
“Cyber Security Requirements Methodology”, serc (2018)
B. Horowitz, P.A. Beling, C.H. Fleming, S. Adams, B.T. Carter,
K. Vemuru, C.R. Elks, T. Bakker, K. Cios, G. Bakirtzis, A.G. Collins,
N.R. Mead, and F. Shull, “Systems Aware Cybersecurity”, serc (2017)
C.R. Elks, G.M. Atkinson, T. Bakker, S. Gautham, R.D. Hite,
F.E. Derenthal, and G. Bakirtzis, “Technologies for Enhancing Verifiability
of Embedded I&C Systems in Nuclear Power: A Survey of Advanced FPGA
and MEMs Technologies”, epri (2015)
[invited talk] G. Bakirtzis and C.H. Fleming, “Cyber-Physical System Safety and Security
in the Nuclear Power Plant Context, ans Student Conference (2019)
G. Bakirtzis, “Designing Secure Cyber-Physical Systems”,
Friday Forum, Virginia Commonwealth University (2017)
[open-source software] G. Bakirtzis, A Vulnerability Assessment Tool for System Models”,
cybok-cli, doi: 10.5281/zenodo.1313696 (2018)
G. Bakirtzis and B.J. Simon, A GraphML Exporter for MagicDraw SysML,
graphml_export, doi: 10.5281/zenodo.1308914 (2018)
G. Bakirtzis and B.J. Simon, A Security Dashboard for Analyzing cps Designs”,
security-analyst-dashboard, doi: 10.5281/zenodo.1318537 (2018)
[invited demo] G. Bakirtzis, Automated Design-Phase Vulnerability Analysis, cser (2018)
Fall 2017
University of Virginia
I lectured a short course, Model Suciency for Cybersecurity, on modeling
requirements, functional behaviors, and system architectures in SysML
for Defense Intelligence Agency (dia) analysts. (Enrollment: 10)
Georgios Bakirtzis 3/5
Fall 2018
Virginia Commonwealth University
As guest lecturer for Signals and Systems II I lectured on Markov chains
and produced a corresponding homework assignment. (Enrollment: 46)
As teaching assistant for the graduate seminar Systems-theoretic Cybersecurity, I
compiled a list of relevant seminal and current research publications
and led weekly discussions. (Enrollment: 4)
Fall 2016 As codeveloper and lead teaching assistant for Introduction to Engineering, I
designed homework assignments, laboratory exercises, and exam problems.
I managed two graduate and five undergraduate teaching assistants and
administered the course website. (Enrollment: 87)
Fall 2015 As laboratory assistant for Microcomputer Systems, I restructured and rewrote
all laboratory assignments, including the final project. I developed problem sets
to improve the understanding of low-level instructions and their relation
to higher level languages. (Enrollment: 56)
As teaching assistant for Introduction to Microelectronics, I introduced
weekly recitation sessions where I lectured extra material. (Enrollment: 55)
Spring 2015 As lead teaching and laboratory assistant for Electrical Circuits I, I designed and
ran laboratory exercises. I wrote and graded quizzes and a portion of the exams.
I provided solutions to homework and test problems. (Enrollment: 141)
Fall 2014 As lead teaching assistant for Signals and Systems II, I conducted review sessions
and held weekly oce hours. I graded homework and a portion of the exams.
I lectured two class sessions. (Enrollment: 31)
As teaching assistant for Advanced Engineering Programming Using C/C
, I
ran weekly tutoring sessions. I formulated and applied grading criteria
for homework assignments. (Enrollment: 55)
Spring 2014 As lead laboratory assistant for Digital Logic Design, I ran and graded
laboratory exercises. I developed the laboratory policy, the grading rubric,
two lab exercises, and the final design project. (Enrollment: 68)
Fall 2013 As teaching assistant for Advanced Engineering Programming Using C/C
, I
ran multiple tutoring sessions each week. (Enrollment: 62)
Spring 2013 As teaching assistant for Engineering Programming Using C, I aided students
during weekly help sessions and graded assignments. (Enrollment: 99)
Georgios Bakirtzis 4/5
Virginia Commonwealth University
As on-demand mentor for Hyperloop at vcu—one of the twenty teams
to advance to the final stage of the international Hyperloop competition—I
advised on safety assessment and control system software design.
2017–18 I mentored capstone students Jasmine Norman and Tony Shin in designing
and implementing a Vendor Managed Inventory (vmi) for Airline Hydraulics.
I provided hands-on help with embedded system design and software engineering.
Intelligent Vehicles Symposium (
ieee International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (itsc)
incose Conference on Systems Engineering Research (cser)
Graduate Student Advisory Board (gsab)
As founding chair of gsab, I coordinated the board to resolve graduate studentss
concerns by communicating with the ece department chair. I organized and
led committees on social media engagement and engineering outreach.
Engineering Ambassadors
As counselor, then activity leader, and finally event organizer I volunteered
for several Virginia Commonwealth University k-12 educational programs.
Autonomous Robotics Group (arg)
As founding vice president of arg I secured funds and managed a team that built
and programmed a uav to take part twice in the auvsi suas competition.
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (ieee)
I was inducted in ieee–hkn honor society.
2013–14 As student branch ocer, I initiated a successful collaboration with hkn
to acquire funds, attract new members, and organize joint volunteering
outreach activities. I coordinated weekly tutoring sessions for most
introductory electrical engineering courses. I created and administered
the website of the Virginia Commonwealth University ieee branch.
Georgios Bakirtzis 5/5